Summer Discounts Promotions Offers 2021

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Current Promotional Discount Applies to the Following Courses:

The Practitioner Coach Diploma (Classic Program) – standard fee 6500 euro Summer offer 3987 euro The Noble Manhattan’s Flagship Coach Training Course

  • The Advanced Practitioner Coach Certificatestandard fee 3900 euro Summer offer 2995 euro – Comes with Our Special Recommendations!!! – the best “middle ground” which saves you time and finances, and while delivering high value in both coaching theory and practice!!!

The Supervised Coaching Masterclass Program standard fee 2500 euro Summer offer 1785 euro – The only practical face-to-face training experience which helps you master the art of coaching; completely experiential training, with coaching supervision and mentoring

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The Advanced Practitioner Coach Diploma standard fee 9000 euro
– ATTENTION: Exclusive Offer for the countries in the Balkans Region: 4800 euro

– This is the absolute TOP, the “RolsRoys” in the world of Coach Training

– the highest possible accreditation and academic value in the coaching industry

(see program summary below)

– combines the classic Practitioner Coach Diploma+ the full cycle of 10 Supervised Coaching Masterclass experiential modules

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Program focus

Current Discounts Promotions Offers - OCE October 15-16-17,21

Why Choose the Advanced Practitioner Coach Diploma of Noble Manhattan Coaching:

The Benefits

The participant will receive:

  1. Diploma level of coach training – accredited and endorsed by Five different accreditation institutions: IAPC&M – Level 7 the International Authority of Professional Coaching and Mentoring; ICF; ILM City and Guilds; IRCM – International Register of Coaching and Mentoring; and the Institute of Leadership and Management
  2. 420 Hours blended learning – Level 7 IAPC&M – 6 times more in-depth training, practice, and content than other coaching schools
  3. 7 hours of personal mentoring – by an Accredited Master Coach who will work with you individually
  4. Over 54 hours of LIVE webinars – by international faculty of Accredited Master Coaches
  5. Over 300 hours library of archived teleclasses and webinars – international faculty of lectures – FREE access forever
  6. 3-Day International Coaching Experience Weekend – the trainers are Day 1 Gerard O’Donovan CEO and Founder of Noble Manhattan Coaching, Day 2 Pauline Sawaya, Day 3 Katrin Prentice, see more here:
  7. Right to Return to Residential Coaching Experience weekend any time you wish for FREE (forever, anywhere in the world) – currently it is held online
  8. Final skills assessment by a master coach (final practical exam in order to issue your diploma)
  9. FREE post-graduate support forever
  10. Ever-growing online support community of coaches
  11. Monthly personal Q&A support time with the managing directors “Ask Us Anything” – FREE
  12. Personal support coaching – FREE
  13. the opportunity to train with the LONGEST ESTABLISHED coach training company – shaping the coaching industry since 1993 !!!
  • plus the added bonus of:
  1. 10 full days of Coaching Masterclass with mentoring, and coaching supervision and practical experience in a group (once per month – always the 4th Saturday of the month – see dates for 2021 here ) – facilitated by an Accredited Master Coach (IAPC&M) – 70 hours with a tutor

The current masterclass group is made of 11 nationalities (3 time zones) and meets 4th Saturday of each month. The positions of the people who are participating are corporate managers, consultants to government institutions, business owners, managers from the banking sector. Countries represented so far: Switzerland, Egypt, Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania, Poland, Turkey, Saudi Arabia. Hear and see some of the participants and their reactions and testimonials from experience:

Choose the Advanced Level of the Practitioner Coach Diploma training:

  • Option 14800 – Practitioner Coach Diploma plus 10 coaching masterclasses – Exclusive Offer for the Countries in the Balkans Region

Payment plan proposal:

deposit € 1500, followed by

10 months X €330

(the quoted fees are before VAT).

The payment plan above is a sample – write us to request a personalized plan that suits you better.

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