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Coaching Masterclass Sofia

With the increasing need to live a more purposeful, joyous life comes the need for people to work with someone who can help navigate our complicated lives.

Therefore people are yearning for answers. But they don’t know HOW to get there.

Join the Coaching Supervision Masterclass Program

  • Be among the first professional life and business coaches with international certification and prepare to help people and businesses move up to the next level.
  • Learn Practical Coaching Skills, Receive Coaching Supervision and Mentoring.
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THE COACHING SUPERVISION MASTERCLASS PROGRAM is a comprehensive certification program which consists of 10 monthly modules.

The classes are once a month over a 365-day period.

  • Upon completion of 10 monthly face-to-face training modules within 12 months, successful participants receive a Certificate in Applied Coaching

  • In addition, you become a Noble Manhattan Certified Coach.
  • Group size is limited to 12 participants. Demand is high and classes fill up fast, so we encourage you to register today.
  • The coaching supervision masterclass program strictly follows the Code of ethics outlined by the International Authority of Coaching and Mentoring and ICF.

How Much Does It Cost?

So, lets have a look at what the course details are.

The Coaching Masterclass Program’s design is perfect for all professionals in the personal, executive and team coaching arenas.

Similarly, those engaged in individual coaching will also greatly benefit from it.

The monthly modules are also ideal for managers who wish to take their leadership skills to the next level. Leaders can learn how to add coaching skills, techniques and model to their professional skill set.

In addition, you will also enjoy the additional side benefit of a monthly coaching session on any subject that concerns you.

These supervised coaching masterclasses provide a group learning environment.

As a result, participants develop executive master coaching and/or team master coaching skills at an individual pace.

The coaching supervision masterclass program replicates the actual structure and process of real-life coaching.

Therefore it focuses on individual benefit, efficient team work, goal achievement and problem solving.

To ensure accurate representation of the true coaching relationship, the coaching supervision masterclasses are once a month over a 365-day period.

Above all, the comprehensive training, mentoring and learning process is advantageous both personally and professionally.

It takes into account all prospective executive and team coaching interpersonal boundaries as they occur within a group learning setting.

Coaching Supervision Masterclass Skopje

All along, this program develops coaching practitioner expertise in three main areas:

  • Increased understanding and competencies in individual one-to-one personal coaching.
  • Core competencies in comprehensive executive coaching, based upon professionalism, creativity and coaching satisfaction.
  • A deeper understanding of what is needed to enhance sales and marketing.
  • Create products, access the most innovative success strategies, develop a keener “business sense”.
  • Immerse in today’s networking systems and collaborate with colleagues in an effort to write, get published, etc.

The course is purposely designed to evolve in accordance with the pro­cess of executive coaching.

It also follows the needs of its supervision and mentoring groups.

Groups established by the Supervised Coaching Masterclass are classed as ‘semi-open’. In short, this means:

  • Participants commit to a ten-day cycle. After that they can commit further to five-day supplemental training periods as often as desired.
  • The ten-day cycle incorporates one day each month over 365 days. 
  • The masterclass, limits class size to approximately 12 participants.
  • Members collaborate to define how the group operates. That is to say, they determine the rules by which group processes operate. Daily organization centers on ongoing, evolving professional development to achieve core competencies in personal, executive and team coaching.

Operating principles and rules may change and evolve over time.

Ultimately this depends on the influence of factors such as:

  • The Maturity of the group.
  • Emergence of innovative objectives.
  • Inclusion of new members.
  • Characterization of emerging work models.
  • And other

All members voluntarily and collectively share responsibility for management of the mentoring and supervision sessions, facilitated by experienced group leaders.

The members may need to:

  • Determine the work location Highlighting issues related to supervision.
  • Define and solve the issues while openly and enthusiastically share opinions and outlooks for future expansion and enhancement.
  • Judiciously co-manage group processes for the day.
  • Moderate and/or coach in cooperation to enhance the group’s processes.

Operating principles of the masterclass stand on the base on a mutual synergistic environment of group learning that includes deep analysis and integration.

The systematic approach allows the synchronized assimilation of group work on various levels.

It assists the creation of effective diagnostic and developmental tools that can:

  1. Address and help to solve real-life executive or team coaching problems proposed by participants,
  2. Recommend tactical options to be applied in the participant’s future practice,
  3. Convey future options for today, helping the participant clarify the problem outlined in the executive or team coaching real-life scenario,
  4. Serve as a metaphor of a “learning team” within peer relationships, allowing insights into the operating process of the masterclass and guaranteeing future evolution of the course,
  5. Be applied to the group supervisor’s recommendations for supervision, mentoring, training and modeling.
  6. Searching for innovative options for the future of the coaching profession executive and team coaching best practices.

The supervised coaching masterclass group serves as a lucid teaching ‘whole’ which evolves over time.

In other words, the group participates in comprehensive collective process that continues to grow and change. This results into a team coaching environment which allows participants to achieve exploration, modeling and personal development.

The team coaching environment allows for:

  • The examination, education and wisdom of varied approaches and techniques.
  • Innovative executive and team coaching best practices.
  • Abundant executive and team coaching supervision, mentoring and training, to ensure each participant grows and flourishes professionally.
Masterclass Sofia

These comprehensive Supervised Coaching Masterclasses serve as a “network of knowledge”.

carefully mentoring each individual to expand his or her coaching skills.

Through practice, repetition and modeling, coaches learn the necessary practical and operational skills, surrounded by a cooperative peer environment.

Participants enjoy challenging themselves, questioning accepted beliefs and benefiting from personal development and stimulation, as they confront each others differences and gain a greater understanding of individual diversity.

The Supervised Coaching Masterclass applies multiple applications to the strategic practice of coaching, refusing to limit individuals or groups to the use of any specific theoretical or conceptual field.

For those who have not yet acquired foundational coach training but are perhaps involved in managing others, this course still represents a safe environment in which one can develop a wealth of skills, tools and techniques to enhance ones existing skill set.

The Supervised Coaching Masterclass aims to meet the following goals:

  • Each participant’s work and any reference to past or present clients will remain in strict confidence.
  • The Coaching Masterclass, within its comprehensive supervision, training and mentoring strictly follows the code of ethics for coaching professions as outlined by the International Authority for Professional Coaching and Mentoring (IAPC&M) and the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Each time during the monthly coaching masterclasses there will be a section devoted to discussing a weighty ethical or moral issue related to coaching.

You will immerse yourself fully in difficult subjects such as:

  • Should someone be coached if they are also receiving therapy?
  • How do you coach someone who has been sexually abused?
  • Do you coach children, if so how?
  • How would you coach someone suffering from clinical depression, and should you?

Thereby enabling the delegates of this Masterclass to become better and more professional coach­es.

Each participant involved in personal, team or executive coaching or consulting is responsible for the individual process of learning,


  • The concentration, pace and content of individual work
  • Recommending real-life coaching scenarios suitable to group supervision and mentoring
  • Grasping individual conclusions following supervision and mentoring sequences
  • Application of the program’s systematic approach, appropriate to a comprehensive coaching practice.
  • The unearthing of abundant options for individual coaching practice development in executive and team coaching scenarios.

We invite each participant in the monthly coaching masterclasses to engage fully in the consequences of his or her insights and communication.

As a result, there is greater understanding of individual training needs and professional choices.

We encourage each participant to actively engage in the program’s process of ‘co-management’ for the assurance of superior performance. Similarly, members take responsibility for the operating principles recommended by a group mentor/supervisor and concurrently validated by the team.

NOTE: The Supervised Coaching Masterclass is not a therapeutic program. Therefore it is wise that participants should seek the appropriate environment to access psychological and/or personal support.

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Katrin Prentice, Coaching Supervision Masterclass Facilitator, showing the Wheel of Life Exercise

Facilitator to the Supervised Coaching Masterclass in Skopje and in Sofia:

Katrin Prentice, AMC (IAPC&M)

Katrin is an Accredited Master Coach, one of the first in Eastern Europe.

She is an experienced life & executive coach with 3000+ hours with individual and corporate clients.

Katrin is a coach mentor and trainer, course co-creator and webinar lecturer and final assessor, and a fascinating speaker.

Additional Life time Coaching Support & Services

Coaching Support groups meet monthly in the major cities of many countries.

For example, the UK, Ireland, Poland, Macedonia, Romania, Bulgaria, Spain, Albania, Switzerland, Turkey, United States of America and are continuing development in more areas.

Find the closest one for you HERE

Consequently, this is a great opportunity to meet other like minded people in your local area, to discuss coaching / coach training process, listen to speakers on personal and professional development topics and enjoy as a great social event and networking.

Every month there are up to 5 live webinars that you can attend for FREE.

Moreover, they are delivered in English and some in other local Languages (where available), hosted by Senior or Master Coaches, on topics related to  Life & Executive Coaching, Corporate Coaching, and offer live Question-and-Answer sessions for coaches.

This is designed for all Noble Manhattan students, Coaches and Associates to provide as much backup, help, care and support as you need.

Therefore, you will have access to hundreds of hours of downloadable teleclasses/webinars, past essays, helpful hints, details of support coaches.

Similarly, you gain access to an online community, so you can join study groups and talk with other students/coaches worldwide.

International Coaching News is the largest online magazine on the planet.

It was created by leading figures in the coaching world. The magazine has been developed to aid everyone in all areas of coaching and personal development; provide essential information for any practicing or future coach. There are opportunities to interact with visitors and subscribers on general points of interest and suggestions.

International Coaching News is a quarterly online magazine, which caters to a person’s need for self-development.

ICN also delivers the latest news about the coaching world. This means that coaches, future coaches and subscribers receive regular updates. With ICN, a person will have the chance to read about different perspectives in coaching, how and why coaching is disparate from counseling and therapy, and the profit one can gain with coaching, not only as a way for personal development but also as a business advantage.

Coach Radio International specialize in all aspects of Coaching and Personal and Professional Development for both Practitioners and Patrons.

Likewise, it is available to anyone who wishes to listen to professional Coaches and Therapists and Practitioners talking about a large range of topics from Life and Corporate Coaching to Nero Linguistic Programming, Thought Field Therapy and many more.

In other words, You can have your own 1 hr show as often as you like on anything you like.

A worldwide platform that helps promote coaches across the world by providing a FREE directory of Coaches.

You can create your own profile that lists what areas you specialize in and how prospective clients can contact you.

The best business card is a book!

E-books for coaches is an publishing house that will publish and promote any white paper for students. In this way, it promotes the student-coach and makes them a published author.

The author of this initiative is Mr Gerard O’Donovan, the owner and founder Of Noble Manhattan Coaching.

Gerard has been at the forefront of the coaching industry for the last 15 years and has personally trained over 18000 men and women to be wonderful life coaches, executive coaches and corporate coaches.

His vision and quest to help coaches to be all that they can be, goes even further to assist them on the road to mastery within the profession, and to help them build a large sustainable and financially rewarding practice. This is why he wanted to create a site where coaches could easily access information that would be of huge interest and benefit to qualified coaches and student coaches alike.

Within this unique blog, you will come across thoughts and postings from the worlds’ leading thinkers.

Topics such as paying off loans, debt consolidation in the financing, coaching, leadership, management, personal development and fulfillment are all at your fingertips.

The Coaching Blog has been rated in the top 20, out of 40 million coaching blogs in the world on the topics of coaching and personal development, and leadership.

You may submit your own articles to be posted on the blog. This way the blog will promote you as an author when your article is published.

This division provides advice for you on how to market yourself (niche marketing)

In other words, how to get your business started.

The IT department can also help design you a website.

Why Coaching Works is a Lead Generation Site for Coaches and Students.

It provides ready made quality content that you may use to give away for free in order to help grow your own coaching practice.

‘Get Coaching Leads’, works hand in glove with ‘Why Coaching Works’.

It provides you the potential to gain clients.

When people download the content from Why Coaching Works, it notifies you of a potential client to contact.

The opportunity to participate in actual paid coaching contracts.

Companies that are looking for coaches often times contact Noble Manhattan for referrals.

Students can apply for these contracts like applying for a normal job.

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