We invite you to join us for this event that has already transformed the lives of hundreds of people. It is regarded by many as the most jam-packed informative day you will ever attend with regard to learning about being a life coach or corporate coach.

At many of our events it’s also a unique opportunity to meet the dynamic and inspirational Gerard O’Donovan, one of the leading authorities on Coaching and founder of Noble Manhattan Coaching.

  • Do you want to change your life and the lives of many others?

  • Do you want to learn how to empower others so that they can achieve extraordinary results?

  • Find out everything you need to know about becoming a Life or Corporate Coach!

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Who will you meet today?

Chairman M Sc N.E.B.S.S. FCLC

The founder and C.E.O of the Noble Manhattan Group. Gerard is one of Europe’s leading Life Coaches and the Principal and founder of Noble Manhattan coaching.

This is not a sales event!

You will not be asked to buy anything. You will not be asked to enlist, enroll, register, or sign-up to anything. It is purely an opportunity for you to gather as much information as you need about coaching, get any questions you might have answered and experience coaching for yourself.

Over 3 ½ hours Gerard O’ Donovan will answer all your questions about training to be a coach, how to get clients, how to earn an income, standards and accreditation in the coaching industry, current trends etc.

What you will learn on this day?

  • What is a Life Coach?

  • What is an executive coach, and what do they do?

  • What is corporate coaching and workplace coaching?

  • How Life Coaching can transform people’s lives

  • The benefits of applying Life Coaching Skills in the home and workplace

  • What qualities and skills a prospective Life Coach needs to possess

  • The training options available

  • Find out why Noble Manhattan is the best provider of Life Coach Training

  • The opportunity to become a self-employed Life Coach

  • Learn about the four key pillars of life coaching

  • The application of the wheel of life

  • The differences between coaching, counselling, therapy and training

  • Listen to stories about how coaching has dramatically changed people’s lives

  • Receive the most in-depth definition of coaching to date

  • Understand true spiritual coaching, what it is, how it works and why it is taking the business world by storm

  • Take away with you an up-to-date definition of spiritual coaching

  • Learn about accreditation, and who the main governing bodies in the world are

  • Find out about the International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring (IAPC&M)

  • Learn how to build your client base

  • Become familiar with the different and many ways of earning an income as a coach

  • Learn about the many corporate coaching contracts that Noble Manhattan Coaching currently has and how you can benefit from these

  • Understand how much you can earn as a coach, and how to charge

Is Coaching for you?

Life Coaching is suited to people from all walks of life. Regardless of your previous knowledge or experience of the subject – whether you are a complete novice or experienced in a related profession – our course provides you with all the information and skills needed to equip you as a professional Life Coach. We also trained people as a fully qualified corporate coach. You will also find out about this incredible programme and get to meet some of the delivery team. Provided that you have the desire and drive to do so, you can train to be a successful coach, and what is more, most of the training can be done from the convenience of your own home at times that suit you. Ask yourself the following questions, and if the answers are YES, then coaching is for you!
Do you like people?
Are you a good listener?
Do you feel that you have sensitivity and ability to build a good rapport with people?
Do you feel able to encourage others?
Would you feel a sense of reward, pride and pleasure in being part of another person’s success?
Do you want to learn and grow?
Do you want to make a positive difference to people’s lives?
Do you want to achieve financial independence?
Do you want to grow emotionally and spiritually as a person?
Do you want to fulfill your destiny?



I hope you don’t mind but I just had to drop you a quick note to say how hugely excited I am at the prospect of training to be a Life Coach with your company. Attending the intro day yesterday at Oxford was such a great experience, exceeding my expectations of what Noble-Manhattan are about and confirming not only that this is definitely the new career for me but that yours is absolutely the right company to train with. Your enthusiasm alone would be sufficiently convincing, but everyone that I met yesterday seemed so genuinely enthusiastic, passionate and not least just really nice and supportive.

I can’t wait to get started and will be in touch with the office tomorrow!

Thank you once again – I can’t tell you how long I have been looking for the right change in direction (if I’d known about Life Coaches a few years ago then I probably could have used one to get to this point sooner!!) – and strangely enough, as you said you yourself felt, I feel as if I’m home at last. I just hope I make the grade!

Kindest regards, Ruth Low

Firstly I would like to extend my thanks to the Noble Manhattan team for a very informative, enlightening and enjoyable seminar on Saturday.

I don’t have Gerard’s personal email so please could you extend a personal thank you to him.  It was a pleasure to meet him and the day has further confirmed my decision to train as a life coach with Noble Manhattan.

I was also inspired by Barbara Dalpra who delivered the coaching circle training and I wanted to discuss with you the possibility of Barbara being my Mentor Coach for the course.

Kind regards, Pamela

My partner Brian and I thoroughly enjoyed the Coaching Introduction Day!  It was just the inspiration we were looking for!  We had various conversations about which way to go forward with a coaching career and would like to explore the opportunities to train as a coach with Noble Manhattan.  I have been on a few introductory courses and I did say to Gerard that I gained more from his one day course than I have done on various 2 day introductory courses 🙂

Regards, Sandra Edward
I thought the day was excellent and worth every second of the long journey. Gerard and colleagues were motivational and I have come away much clearer in my own mind about what I need to do. It was great to hear Gerard speak so passionately and honestly about coaching.I really appreciated  the chance to attend this event and the value was exceptional. I have some loose ends I need to tie up but I hope to be in contact shortly to discuss options.

Many thanks to the team once again.

Regards, Ben Bolton

I found the day absolutely inspirational!   I personally thanked Gerard at the end of the day as he was a fantastic speaker, motivational and, like me, teller of bad jokes…. No seriously there was no hard sell, no pressure and I found the values of the company seemed very similar to my own therefore when the time is right in the not too distant future, I am wanting to do the course.  There are just a few things to get through in the next few months then I will be free to devote my time to the road to a new career.

Kind Regards, Sally Ingle

I’m Oana and I attended yesterday the course done in Bucharest by Gerard O’Donovan. I do not like big words BUT I have to say that I discovered yesterday what exactly I want to do in this lifetime: to be a coach I do not know many things about that but I’m sure that this was invented for me

Also, I’d like to thank Gerard for what is he doing. I’ve never meet somebody that understands people as good as he does – even if the military background I feel that let a mark on him  – for example, in the first 2 hours and a half of the course he hasn’t done any pause and he didn’t checked if everybody is ok with that; I’m saying this because I’m pregnant and for me was very difficult to say on the chair for such a long time and moreover without going to ladies room. Anyway, I’ve done that as I didn’t want to lose any word of him)

I hope that in the next future to be able to start Noble Manhattan course for coaching.

All the best, Oana Niculescu