Find out more about the world of coaching and its benefits: coaching education accreditation definition

To be a good coach means to improve your skills continuously, develop your unique coaching vision and learn from successful coaches. Palitri and Partners Foundation is delighted to be able to bring you exceptional educational and informational resources. Our efforts are focused on giving you as much useful information as possible on the meaning of coaching, how it can be used in various situations, as well as the history and future of this ever-growing industry – for no cost!

Coaching Accreditation

Why does Accreditation matter?

There are different levels of Accreditation in the world of Coaching.

They start from being a student and goes through to an International Level.

There are a few different accreditation bodies that currently exist.

Click here to find out about  the difference about the main coaching accreditation bodies and what they do.

coaching education accreditation definition

What is Coaching?

Coaching is the second fastest growing industry in the world. But what is it? Who is it for? How can I tell if a coach is good or not?

Here is one of the best articles that we have come across written on a definition of coaching, by Gerard O’Donovan.

find out more about coaching education accreditation definition – click here …

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