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How Much is the Cost of Coach Training?

The cost of coach training varies. It all depends, as people say. Some questions which you should ask yourself are:

  • Are you considering coaching just a hobby, or do you desire a profitable career as a coach?
  • Do you intend to work for yourself? Or are you looking for someone else to hire you as their employee?
  • How soon do you want to start your coaching career?
  • Do you like a fixed training schedule? Or do you prefer flexible training which fits your lifestyle and work?
  • Which one is more important for you? Having a degree? Or do you want to build a career?
  • Do you want to get certified? (Hint: certification is a separate process that happens after you graduate from your training. And it can help your coaching career)

Coach training costs depend on several factors:

  • You’ll probably need more training if you want a successful career than if you’re just coaching for a hobby.
  • Likewise, if you work for yourself, you may need more training than if you are employed by an organization.
  • Some training programs take years; others take a few weeks. Many encourage you to coach while you train.
  • Travel costs add up quickly. Online training is usually more convenient and cost-effective. Consider travel, lodging, and meals if you need to travel for your training. – Unless of course, you happen to study with a company like Noble Manhattan which covers your lodging and meals.
  • We have includes a chart with the tuition fees of some of the leading coaching schools, so you can compare at a glance and find the best value for the cost of coach training for you.

Generally speaking, what you can expect to pay for life coach training, is this:

  • You can get short training courses for between 500 euro to 2500 euro (all depends on the number of hours)
  • Professional coach training runs anywhere between $3000 and $10000, again depending on how many hours are involved. It also depends on the type of accreditation that the course has, and with how many accreditation bodies.
  • Accredited/approved training programs often cost more. If you want a particular certification, such as IAPC&M, ICF, ILM, or IIC be sure your training hours qualify. The above organizations each have three levels of certification and may require more training for higher certifications (IAPC&M has four levels)
  • Some Graduate programs usually cost more than $10000, sometimes a lot more.

How can you pay for life coach training?

  • Many coach training programs have payment plans.
  • Some coaches apply for a credit card with zero-interest for the first year and pay with that credit card.
  • Some coaches get a part-time job and pay with the income they earn.
  • Some coaches keep their full-time job while they train.
  • Some coaches dip into savings.
  • Some coaches pay off their training with their income from coaching.
  • Some coaches downsize their expenses until their coaching careers take off.
  • Some employers will pay for coach training.
  • Many coaches use a combination of strategies to pay for coach training.

Best Value-Cost Ratio with Noble Manhattan Coaching

  • Benefit from interest-free payment plan options
  • Apply for further discounts based on Accreditation of Prior Learning – please, fill an APL application form
  • Receive for Bursary (partial) – please, fill a Bursary application form
  • Enjoy preferential student loans with Raiffeisen Bank when training with Noble Manhattan Coaching (applicable for Bulgaria only) – please, request the Raiffeisen bank application form
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Tuition Fees with Noble Manhattan Coaching

All quotes are before VAT – these the standard fees, in the absence of promotions or other discounts and offers:

  • The Practitioner Coach CertificatePCC – 1500 euro
    – (entirely distance learning; 125 hours; fundamental coaching skills; option to upgrade to Diploma at any time)

Advanced Practitioner Coach Diploma – 420 hours

The advanced package includes the Practitioner Coach Diploma (PCD) in a combination with the full cycle of 10 monthly coaching masterclass days

  • Advanced Practitioner Coach Diploma – PCD + 10MC – The Ultimate Coaching Mastery Package
  • 9000 EUR (before discounts)

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